Sustainable Farming

We are aware of our transforming role. Therefore, assessing and mitigating impacts has become a standard, a responsible process that guides us to make decisions, the impact of which is measured under the three standards: environmental, social and governance. Find more about them.

Responsible decision making

Environmental standard

Caring for farming has become a priority when it comes to enriching the soil and providing the necessary nutrients for carbon sequestration. Besides we are aware of the good use of natural resources, such as water and biodiversity conservation to guarantee sustainable ecosystems for future generations.

Social standard

We take into account the way in which our operations impact our employees, customers, communities and all interested parties, seeking alliances and working together on actions and programs that are beneficial, creating added value at all times.

Governance standard

The third standard is focused on the actions of the company’s management, internal controls and verifications, in addition to legal compliance. All this within the frame work of a corporate governance in line with the Board of Directors.

Our programs


We intend to strengthen the relationships with our identified interested parties, as well as with the different sectors in order to carry out actions for the benefit of both the communities where we operate and the development of the country.


We know the best is still to come and, therefore, we contribute to the education quality in the Southern Coast, collaborating with rural schools to guarantee preschool and middle school child education.


We feature a team devoted to environmental management that promotes and implements solid environmental practices in all our operations, taking into account the environmental footprint and the correct use of natural resources.


We drive the empowerment and development of women as essential pillars in the family environment through initiatives aimed at ensuring economic improvements being change agents in their homes.

Road infrastructure

We seek to create access to the communities by supporting improvements in road infrastructure. We feature permanent renovation programs of internal roads where our operation is located.


Our goal is to watch over the health of all permanent and temporary workers. We developed a program focused on the members of the communities in which we operate with preventive health campaigns related to HIV, reproductive health and vector control.

Each day we contribute to the

Sustainable development goals
adopted by the United Nations.

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