We drive a
circular economy model

Through responsible agriculture and industrial projects, we maximize production, focusing on soil protection.


Our model benefits from circularity. The result of each project becomes the beginning of a new one.

In order to be where we are today we needed

40 years and a clear and objective vision,
committed to growth and innovation

Find out about our story.
A family dream that became one of the main export companies of Guatemala.



After 30 years of close relationship with farming, the Leal family made an incursion in a new sugar mill, at that time number 17th of the 19 mills existing in the country. This meant the starting point of a time of development and investment that continues today.


Increased production

We started cogeneration projects with sugarcane bagasse in order to provide electric power to the country, taking the first step into diversification of the energy matrix and guaranteeing the energy and power contracts of that time. We installed a second sugar mill tandem and improved juice extraction, which allowed us to duplicate our sugar production. 


A meristem lab

We built a laboratory to produce top quality sugarcane seed, which allowed us to choose the varieties that better adapt to the soil in our farms, increasing our productivity in tons of sugarcane per hectare.


Increased milling capacity and accurate market reading.

We put in place the third milling unit, which positioned us as the first milling unit inCentral America and the second in Latin America. We made an anticipated reading of sugar markets and threw into refined sugar production, which allowed us to develop, in a few years, one of the biggest refineries annexed to a sugar mill.


Diversification of our energy matrix.

The electricity market, constantly demanding energy and power, allowed us the possibility of making an incursion into technologies that combine and integrate biomasses and mineral fuels. As a result of the above, we were able to optimize the production costs, grew our installed capacity and, therefore, we were able as well to diversify the energy matrix available for commercialization.


Corporate government in line with global trends.

After a period of huge changes, we integrated Corporate Governance, which has allowed us to go back to the path of growth, expansion, innovation, diversification and to look the market possibilities beyond our borders and what we can do to meet such other markets’ needs.


Advanced research and biomolecules.

We started our participation in other fields such as the synthetic biology and scientific research for the production of sustainable biomolecules, which are so important in the current context and the potential applications of which represent a huge opportunity for our business.

The Future

Our commitment with the future

By nature,we believe in a better tomorrow that begins in farming, our challenge is tomake it real in the years to come and ensure that future generations receivefrom us a dynamic commitment to constantly improve soil conditions and productswith increased added value.

Our products

685,826 Tm
With a dailymilling production capacity of 40,000 metric tons, we supply 24% of thecountry’s white brown, light brown, raw and refined sugar in its three qualitygrades. 20% is intended for the local market and 80% for exports.
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839.33 GWh
We are pioneers in renewable energy generation in Guatemala and, at present, we are the only sugarcane mill in the country capable to generating, marketing and transmitting electric power, thus providing a valuable support to the country’s energy matrix.
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61,202,262 Lts
We optimized our processes in order to make the most of sugarcane. Therefore, from the molasses obtained from sugar manufacture, we are able to produce up to 420,000liters a day of alcohol, equivalent to 200 million bottles a year. 
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Our exports reach all America, Europe,
Asia and Africa.

We promote long-lasting relations with our
customers by delivering certified quality products.

All our processes and products comply with
international certification organizations standards.

A smart relationship with farming also needs
Our people

Our most valuable resource

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Our sustainable impact.

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We work on future farming

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